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Misty Richmond is an advanced practice nurse, specializing in psychiatric/mental health nursing. She is also a student, pursuing her doctorate in research. Her goal is to spend the rest of her life exploring interpersonal relationships and their bidirectional relationship with cultural and societal constructs, awash in the concept of authenticity.

Her varied interests include education, parenting, healthcare, political and social commentary, philosophy, theory development, and various forms of research, both quantitative and qualitative in nature. Expect to find her opinions as well as some of her research on this site.  The intent is to be challenging and informative, while encouraging the process of exploring both ideas and apparent realities.  What you will not find here is commercialism or hostile attacks on individuals. The rest is fair game.

About You

Should you choose to comment on this site, and I hope that you do, please know that I expect the same standard from you – no hostile personal attacks and no vulgarities. Those will be deleted.  All other comments are welcome.


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